Thursday, May 13, 2004

Clearing Some "Office" Space at NBC

Looks like NBC might be ready to give a thumbs up to its really funny remake of "The Office." It won't be for 13 episodes. It won't be on in the fall. But NBC might give this puppy a shot, even though a lot of the Six Sigma brigade is nervous about the show.

Can't say we blame 'em. "The Office" ain't a sitcom as we all know it. There's no internal score. No laugh track. And have you seen the ratings for "Arrested Development"?

But didn't anyone learn anything from "Seinfeld," the show that test audiences HATED? Or "Cheers," which took, like, 2 years for people to find (and this was before the age of 2 zillion cable channels.)

And if the show's funny-- which it is-- why the drama about picking it up? Jeff Zucker didn't think twice about bringing back "Good Morning, This Show Sucks Miami." It was like 20 million bucks FLUSHED DOWN THE DRAIN.

And what about "American Dreams"? It ain't exactly setting the world on fire. It does fine, but NBC keeps it on cuz advertisers like it and it's got a loyal audience.

"The Office," like most new shows, could very well fail. But it's a chance worth taking-- and if it fails, it fails with dignity.

Enough ranting. If NBC really is ordering "The Office," OBDS...E says Bravo/Trio to you, Jeff Zucker.


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