Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Doing It...somewhere else

By all accounts, ABC's drama pilot "Doing It" is a bold, fresh, honest look at contemporay teenage American boys and their libidos -- a sort of "My So-Called Sex Life."

The pilot screened well. It's a good show.

So how much you want to bet it never gets on the air-- at least at ABC?

Perhaps the previous management at ABC forgot who owns 'em: The WALT DISNEY COMPANY, people! This hour has controversy written all over it, and while ABC could use the controversy to drive ratings, an election year battle over teen sex on TV is the last thing Michael Eisner needs. And with Michael Powell salivating at the chance to slap a fine on a network, you can forget about bold, fresh, honest looks at anything for the next year.

"Doing It" may not be dead. ABC could order it for midseason (read: post-election.) Or maybe the WB or Fox will snap it up.

But "Doing It" ain't getting on ABC's fall schedule.

UPDATE: ABC insiders now say this pilot isn't nearly as risque as some had been saying. The brass likes it, so who knows...maybe it will get on after all.


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